How to Sharpen your knife. Three most efficient and easy to use knife sharpeners.

Learn how to sharpen your knife and make the blade cut like razor. See the three best knife sharpeners and how to use them. Sharpening your knives will make your life in the kitchen easier and safer.

How to sharpen your knife video 06/09/2022

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The honing steel. Helps straighten and align metal fibers on the knife’s edge that get bent during the cutting process. Use the honing steel to fine tune a fairly sharp blade, to keep it sharp . Place the knife over the honing steel at 15%-20% angle and run the blade down the rod both sides

The manual sharpener. Shaving metal from the knife reshaping the blade. Works perfect every time. Very efficient, fast and easy to use. No skill or technique required. Just run the knife’s blade through the manual sharpener 10-30 times until is sharp

The wet stone. Let the stone soak in water for 30 minutes before use . Place the knife over the wet stone at 15%-20% angle . Start sharpening with coarse side (smaller number on wet stone) until the knife is very sharp. Move the blade forward and backwards while applying pressure against the stone. Turn the stone over and finish sharpening on fine grit side

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