Easter in Cyprus 2018, Peyia Paphos

Easter in Cyprus 2018 is on April 8th

Easter in Cyprus 2018

Easter in Cyprus 2018 is on April 8th. The Greek word for Easter is “Πασχα” (pasha), and has its roots in the Hebrew language. It symbolizes the transition from death to life with the resurrection of Jesus.

It is of course one of the greatest holidays in Cyprus. In our village here, Peyia in Paphos, Saturday night (April 7th) at 11 pm everyone is gathered at the village’s church, where the big fire is burning Judah, waiting for the priest to announce the resurrection of Jesus, and pass the holly light to the crowds.

Peyia’s big firework show, that you wouldn’t want to miss if you are in the area, is what follows next. Women take the candles with the holly light home and keep that flame burning until next Easter.

Easter Sunday finds the families gathered together, eating the traditional specialties souvla, kleftiko, pastitsio, dolmades, suckling pig, roast potatoes, drinking beer, wine, and zivania and enjoying this big holy day. Easter games and other celebrations take place the following days after Easter Sunday.


flaounes - paskies

Flaounes & Paskies

A traditional Easter cheese-filled pastry is also enjoyed on this day, and is called “flaouna”. “Paskia” is another Easter cheese-filled delicacy that contains lamb and is only found here in Paphos area. Both flaounes and paskies will be offered in our restaurant during our Easter.

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