Top 5 Beaches In Paphos You Must Visit

This is a local’s recommendation on the top 5 beaches in Paphos you must visit. They are near the Peyia area, and you possibly haven’t heard about yet! Some are great for a swim and others are just worthy visiting for the idillic scenery.

I think of course number one on the list with the top 5 beaches in Paphos you must visit is Lara… Long sandy beach, the place where the turtles nest, clean, never crowded. A 4X4 car is what you need, but a small car will take you there. Do not push it too much or you will get stuck in the sand! About 15 minutes drive from Peyia village or Coral Bay (watch video at the end of post).

Top 5 beaches in paphos you must visit

Then we have Agios Georgios fishing harbour. Sunbeds, umbrellas, snacks and beers available from the small cafe! About 10 minutes drive from Peyia village or Coral Bay.

Yeronissos, sitting near Agios Georgios fishing harbor. The local landmark, it measures just 300 yards long by about 75 yards wide.

For nearly two decades archaeologists have been digging here, which have revealed Yeronisos had a very active Hellenistic period of occupation and religious worship, along with Chalcolithic and Byzantine levels

The Golden Age of Yeronisos was in the Hellenistic period, the time following the death of Alexander the Great when the Ptolemies of Egypt ruled Cyprus.

Sea Caves About 5 minutes drive from Peyia village or Coral Bay.

The area is characterised by the existence of coastal formations, caves, stone lodges and engulfment. These formations are priceless as it takes thousands of years in order for them to be created. In particular, the corrosive action of the sea has managed to penetrate between the rocks with the passing of time and has eaten the rocks creating this great mosaic.

Along the length of the bay, some tall rocky seashores have been created which even reach 20 metres height at some points, small and large caves which suck the sea water as well as small scattered islets. The feeling the visitor in the area gets is awe, towards the magnificent power of the sea. The role of nature as an artist/sculptor has created wonderful sculptures on the rocks.

Earlier on at the caves, when there was no human presence or interference, the seals (monachus monachus ) found refuge there , although they have now abandoned the area. For this reason one of the caves is possibly known as “Spilios tis Fokenas” which means Seal cave.

The shipwreck Edro III About 5 minutes drive from Peyia village or Coral Bay.

The Edro III, an 83 meter long, 2,517 ton freighter ran aground in stormy weather in the Sea Caves area of Paphos between Coral Bay and St. George’s Island on 8 December 2011

The Edro III left Limassol the previous day in bad weather with a cargo of plasterboard bound for Rhodes.  The strong winds and rough seas caused the vessel to drift off course when it struck a rock and ran into trouble about ten miles from the shore of Paphos and became disabled.

The Edro III drifted until it finally went ashore near Peyia, hitting the rocks between 4am and 5am.  The ship got stuck broadside approximately 15 metres from the shore with the bow wedged in a rocky stretch of the beach.

The Blue Lagoon beach could have easily taken the name of heaven. Very, very beautiful place! The reason it’s last on this list with the top 5 beaches in Paphos you must visit is that it is a little far from Peyia, and it’s a little difficult to get there.

It is the largest bay in the Akamas region.

It is located at the west of Akamas. The blue lagoon is a shielded bay where the water is usually warmer than the rest of the area. It is an amazing location and the crystal waters in this bay in the Akamas peninsula give you the ability to see the sea depths. The blue lagoon bay is sandy and not very deep, perfect for relaxing in a natural swimming pool.

Furthen in there is a reef perfect for those who want to go snorkelling or diving as there are plenty of fish and rocks around the area. The cleanliness of the water, its colour and in general the aura will make you love it and dive into the cool water or just gaze at the breath-taking view.

Access to this bay is by boat or a four wheel drive car as the road is not suitable for lower cars. About one hour drive from Peyia or Coral Bay.

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